Install Extensions

You can use Lynkmark in your favorite browser and bookmark items using our browser extensions. Checkout our extensions page, to download Lynkmark for Chrome, Firefox and Edge

Collect and save bookmarks without leaving the current tab. Our browser extension super simple to use, but in small form factor. No more jumping throught tabs, your bookmarks always at hand.

Once installed, the Extension can:

  1. Bookmark any webpage to Lynkmark Collection
  2. Search and open already bookmarked links using extension
  3. Search for links from your address bar - Just type lk


You can bookmark any webpage to any Lynkmark collection. Once you are on the page you would like to bookmark, go to the right of your address bar and click the green Lynkmark logo to bookmark that page.

Search Lynkmark from your address bar

After installing the extension, type “lk” into your address bar and then hit “tab” to activate Lynkmark search. Type your keywords or phrases to search through both the titles and contents of your link.